Posted by: Bríd Ní Chualáin | 13/03/2016

Wild Atlantic Way

People come from all over the world to get a taste of the Wild Atlantic Way, but this is only a taste whereas we at FEICIM provide a unique experience, a delight you’ll always cherish. We live up to our self-proclaimed title as the ‘best in the west’.  We deliver this experience in the native culture, in one of Ireland’s Gaelic strongholds, Inis Oírr the kingdom of Gaelic tradition.

Irish language learners, both nationally and internationally are drawn to FEICIM’s informal conversational classes and activity based learning model. Our participants get the ‘lived experience’ and our range of activities include day-trips to the other two majestic Aran islands, Inis Meáin and Inis Mór.  This is true immersion, the lived experience and the essence of Gaelic culture, the true Wild Atlantic experience and certainly something not to miss.

See this Island Ferries video to give you a taste of the wild atlantic way.

Activity-based Language Learning

We at FEICIM understand that true learning occurs in engagement, and engage we do. We try and attend every learner’s needs. The visual and the auditory learner excels inside the classroom, but what about outside the classroom? These experiences are suited to everybody, but the kinesthetic learner in particular benefits. So why not try your hand at indigenous craftwork, catch yourself a fish supper, learn a tune on a tin-whistle, enjoy cultural workshops, swim in the beautiful clear waters of our blueflag beach, enjoy the live music in the bars at night or just relax in the evenings and benefit from a paddle along the sandy shore.  Check out our provisional schedule where you will see all the activities on offer on our Irish language courses for adults.

FEICIM 2016 – what’s new?

There has been much discussion about the 1916 Anniversary Commemoration and, at FEICIM, we like to think about the importance of coming together and focus on similarities rather than differences. We look at the Gaelic Continuum – this year we are delighted to announce a new international dimension:  a Scottish Gaelic workshop which will be available to anyone interested in the language of our nearest linguistic neighbors! This is what makes FEICIM special, access to traditional Irish culture blended with new concepts of language revival and supporting language minorities, be it on the Aran Islands or on the Isle of Skye.

Join us and take part in a truly unique experience, only to be found with FEICIM in Inis Oírr.

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