Posted by: Bríd Ní Chualáin | 06/04/2016

Press Release – THE IRISH EDGE – new course for business

A new Irish language course for business begins on April 18 on Inis Oírr (Inishere) on the Aran Islands. This 5-day course will run by the Irish language promotion company, FEICIM.

Due to requests from business people across the country and from organisations in the Gaeltacht, we have designed this special language course to facilitate those who are seeking to improve customer services. There is a growing demand for services through Irish and FEICIM are well placed to facilitate those companies who want to get the Irish edge on their competitors. As well as classroom activities such as role-play and group work, we organise guided walks, craft workshops and other activities outside the classroom. Located in one of the strongest Gaeltacht areas, FEICIM courses provide the opportunity to be immersed and see the Irish language used naturally in the community.

FEICIM runs Irish language courses for adults every summer. These activity filled courses offer a chance for learners of all levels to take their language ability to the next level. This year we will have a special lecture to commemorate 1916 as well as an optional Scottish Gaelic class for higher levels. Each week all classes will get to take a day trip to one of our neighboring Aran Islands, Inis Meáin and Inis Mór. You can also be sure of plenty of music and craic every night in the local pubs! For more information about the new Irish Edge for Business course as well as details of all our summer courses visit: The special introductory fee for our Irish course for business is €200 and our regular Irish courses range from €250 p/w. You can keep up with our offers, news and competitions on social media channels and

Phone: (087) 6774751

mapa de Inis Oírr

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